Thursday, September 20, 2007

Undersea Jewels and the website

With the help of the new book Undersea Jewels and the website species can be easily found and identified. There is a "colour thumbnail section" in the beginning of the book with species broken down into colour groups. So if you found a 'blue and yellow fringed nudibranch' you would look up the blue section and see if it is there.
photo: 2.5mm Siphopteron tigrinum intertidal

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nudibranch Species Identification (what Nudibranch is it?)

Post your questions here about Nudibranch Identification. Find out what the critter's name is and other information. Send photos to

Biology (or Nudibranch Facts)

The Biology of Nudibranchs or their behavior.

Nudibranch Localities (where are we finding them)

Where Nudibranchs are being found, intertidally or subtidally.

General Nudibranch Discussion

Now here is the place to say what you feel about Nudibranchs and ask questions about things you don't know.

Gear, Equipment and Technique

What gear are you using and how do you use it to find Nudibranchs.