Saturday, October 23, 2010

Species List 23-10-10 Wobby Rock and Coles Hole

25 Species found. 8m viz, light winds small amount of surge. 1st dive/2nd dive

*most species found this outing.

Aegires citrinus 1

Berthella martensi 1
This one was classic white with black spots, no dark colouration on the margins or oral veil, no line on the top of the foot.

Berthella martensi /1 (5th photo)
This is a B. martensi with white pustules, dark brown mantle and foot margins, dark line down the centre of the top of the foot, dark brown edge on oral veil. Found under an old, large coral head.

Berthellina citrina 1 

Chromodoris elisabethina 1

Chromodoris kuiteri /1

Chromodoris splendida 2/3 (7th photo)
Large without red spots, found under an old coral head.

Dermatobranchus cf. primus /1

Dermatobranchus sp. 2 1

Favorinus sp. 2 /1
 (4th photo)
Glossodoris atromarginata 3/2

Glossodoris averni 1 (6th photo)

Glossodoris hikuerensis /1 (1st photo)

Glossodoris vespa /1

Hexabranchus sanguineus 1

Hypselodoris jacksoni 2

Hypselodoris maculosa 2 (8th photo)

*Hypselodoris obscura 6/2
Hypselodoris zephyra /1
Jorunna sp. 3 2 

Noumea simplex /1 
 (2nd photo)
Phyllidiella lizae 1/1

Phyllidiella pustulosa 4/2

Thuridilla carlsoni 1

Thuridilla splendens 1

2 new species of flatworm! (3rd photo)

Upon surfacing after the second dive we spotted a small Carcharhinus limbatus (blacktip shark) rolling along the surface!