Sunday, January 22, 2017

Species List: 20-01-2017, Where's Dewley, Arkwright Shoals, off Yaroomba, Sunshine Coast Qld

27 species sighted at Where's Dewley, Arkwright Shoals, off Yaroomba, Sunshine Coast Qld, 20-01-2017.

Julie, Terry, Gary and David on this excursion consisting of 1 x 93 minute and 1 x 81 minute dives in water depths from 9 m to 14 m. 10 m viz, 26 C water temp and surge.

Species count was a little down due no doubt to the surge experienced on this shallower portion of the shoals. This is only our second visit to this site, the first being back in November 2013. It is slightly to the north of Terry's Delight and differs in substrate topography with large jumbled boulders falling away into sand. Large numbers of Tylodina corticalis were present. Of particular interest were the two specimens of Goniobranchus geometricus with a startling difference in the notum appearance.

Number of each species sighted: 1st dive/2nd dive
* Species with highest specimen count

Bornella anguilla 1/2
* Doriprismatica atromarginata 22/18
Elysia maoria 3/-
Eubranchus sp. 3 -/1
Glossodoris vespa 2/1
Goniobranchus geometricus -/2
Goniobranchus splendidus -/1
Halgerda aurantiomaculata 1/-
Hexabranchus sanguineus 2/-
Hypselodoris jacksoni 3/9
Hypselodoris maculosa 1/-
Hypselodoris obscura 2/-
Jorunna sp.3 1/-
Phyllidia elegans 1/-
Phyllidia picta 1/-
Phyllidia varicosa 1/1
Phyllidiella lizae 1/-
Phyllidiella pustulosa 3/2
Pleurolidia juliae -/1
Roboastra luteolineata -/1
Sagaminopteron ornatum 2/4
Tenellia sibogae -/1
Tenellia sp. 33 2/-
Thuridilla carlsoni 1/-
Thuridilla splendens 3/2
Tritoniopsis elegans 2/2
Tylodina corticalis 6/11

Halgerda aurantiomaculata

Hypselodoris obscura

Elysia maoria

Tylodina corticalis - mating position, head to head

Tritoniopsis elegans

Surface conditions - Coolum burning
in the background

Hypselodoris jacksoni - mating pair

Eubranchus sp. 3

Bornella anguilla

Goniobranchus geometricus - notum variations

Glossodoris vespa

Hexabranchus sanguineus

Jorunna sp.3

Phyllidiella lizae

Tenellia sibogae

Thuridilla splendens

Phyllidia elegans

Doriprismatica atromarginata

Hypselodoris maculosa

Sagaminopteron ornatum

Pleurolidia juliae

Phyllidia varicosa 

 Comparing notes during surface interval


Thuridilla carlsoni

Tenellia sp. 33

Goniobranchus splendidus 

Roboastra luteolineata

Phyllidia picta