Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Species List: 31-07-2018, JJ's and Nudi 3, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Qld

40 species sighted at JJ's and Nudi 2, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Qld, 31-07-2018.

David, Terry and Gary on this excursion consisting of 1 x 83 minute and 1 x 72 minute dives in water depths up to 15.8 m, 20 m viz, 20 C water temp.

Another beautiful day for diving. This time we headed out to Bray's Rock and dived a site we hardly go to due to current. JJ's did have current but we managed to find some nice species like Verconia verconiforma, Aegires villosus and a very pale Phyllidia varicosa.

After that dive we headed north to Nudi 2. This is a beautiful site and produced quite a few species, of notice were Goniobranchus sp. 4 on it's finger sponge and Verconia sp. 2.

...and after the smoke cleared the three of us managed to record 40 species!

Number of each species sighted: 1st dive/2nd dive
* Species with highest specimen count

Aegires villosus 1/-
Ardeadoris sp. 2 -/2
Bornella anguilla 1/2
Chromodoris elisabethina -/3
Chromodoris kuiteri -/8
Chromodoris lochi -/1
Chromodoris striatella 1/-
Colpodaspis thompsoni -/1
Dermatobranchus oculus 1/-
Dermatobranchus rodmani -/1
Dermatobranchus sp. 7 1/1
Doriprismatica atromarginata 2/7
Flabellina exoptata 1/1
Flabellina rubrolineata -/2
Glossodoris vespa -/1
Goniobranchus albopunctatus -/1
Goniobranchus geometricus 1/1
Goniobranchus leopardus 2/-
Goniobranchus sp. 4 -/2
Goniobranchus splendidus 5/2
Gymnodoris alba -/1
Hypselodoris jacksoni -/1
Mariaglaja inornata -/1
Phyllidia coelestis -/1
Phyllidia elegans -/2
Phyllidia ocellata 3/-
Phyllidia varicosa 1/-
Phyllidiella annulata -/2
Phyllidiella lizae 3/1
Phyllidiella pustulosa 1/3
Pleurolidia juliae 1/1
Pteraeolidia semperi 1/-
* Sagaminopteron ornatum 3/14
Tambja amakusana -/1
Tambja tenuilineata -/2
Tritoniopsis elegans -/2
Tylodina corticalis -/2
Verconia romeri -/1
Verconia sp. 2 -/1
Verconia verconiforma -/1

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Pleurolidia juliae

Dermatobranchus rodmani

Aegires villosus

Phyllidia ocellata

Bornella anguilla

Chromodoris striatella

Goniobranchus splendidus

Phyllidia varicosa

Surface conditions

Goniobranchus sp. 4 


Dermatobranchus sp. 7

Doriprismatica atromarginata

Verconia sp. 2

Phyllidiella pustulosa 

Chromodoris kuiteri

Tambja tenuilineata

Gymnodoris alba

Flabellina exoptata

Tambja amakusana

Verconia verconiforma

Flabellina rubrolineata

Glossodoris vespa

Colpodaspis thompsoni

Tritoniopsis elegans

Goniobranchus geometricus

Goniobranchus leopardus

Verconia romeri

Phyllidia elegans

Goniobranchus albopunctatus

Chromodoris elisabethina

Tylodina corticalis

Phyllidiella annulata

Sagaminopteron ornatum

Goniobranchus sp. 4


Mariaglaja inornata

Ardeadoris sp. 2