Monday, April 11, 2016

Species List: Point Cartwright intertidal, Buddina, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 10-04-2016

5 species sighted at Point Cartwright, Buddina, Sunshine Coast during a two hour search of the rocks and tide pools.  There was a slight breeze making it difficult to see into some of the deeper pools.

Over the last couple of visits here, we have noticed that there has been a lot of sand washed up into the tide pools and around the rocks.  This has limited the food sources available to the nudibranchs and it will be interesting to see if things improve over the next couple of months.

Number of species sighted
*Species with highest specimen count

Aplysia argus - 28
Berthella stellata - 1
Cratena simba - 2
Elysia coodeensis - 2
*Hamineoa sp. 1 - 42

 Cratena simba

Hamineoa sp. 1