Friday, April 8, 2016

Species List: Shelly Beach, Caloundra intertidal, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 7-04-2016

6 species sighted at Shelly Beach, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Australia intertidal area. Perfect sunny day little wind. This was exactly the same area and time spent searching as on the 26th March.  We intend to repeat this exercise a few times at a number of sites on the Sunshine Coast to see what different critters, and numbers, we find.

Aplysia argus – 8
Dendrodoris fumata - 1
Dendrodoris nigra – 1
Elysia coodgensis – 5
Haminoea sp. 1 – 5
Vayssierea caledonica – 14

 Dendrodoris fumata

Haminoea sp. 1
The site

 Aplysia argus