Sunday, October 1, 2017

Species List: 19-09-2017, Lake Kawana, Birtinya, Sunshine Coast, Qld

1 species sighted at Lake Kawana, Birtinya, Sunshine Coast, Qld 19-09-2017.

A lunch time walk along the northern end of Lake Kawana by Julie. Maximum depth 200mm to top of rocks.

Out again on a lunch time stroll and ever vigilant, Julie spied these critters on the rocks amongst the algae. Initially inspected from the concrete ledge, Julie took off her shoes and rolled up her fancy pants and climbed down into the lake for a closer inspection to confirm the identification. Happy that they were Elysia bangtawaensis, Julie then had to unceremoniously clamber back out of the lake, certain that other lunch time walkers thought she was mad!. This is the second time this species has been sighted in Lake Kawana. They were initially spotted on 14-07-2015 (also by Julie out walking).

Number of species sighted

Elysia bangtawaensis - 6

In-situ at Lake Kawana

Elysia bangtawaensis

Elysia bangtawaensis