Sunday, October 1, 2017

Species List: 27-09-2017, Lake Kawana, Birtinya, Sunshine Coast, Qld

2 species sighted at Lake Kawana, Birtinya, Sunshine Coast, Qld, 27-09-2017.

A single entry by Gary at the south end of Lake Kawana by the office blocks. Maximum depth 400 mm, 24 C water.

Checking out the southern end of the lake for Elysia bangtawaensis I was surprised to find Elysia hirasei, another new species. The animals were found on the vertical wall between the bottom and the walkway. There were also six E. bangtawaensis specimens found here as well.

Number of species sighted

Elysia bangtawaensis -6
Elysia hirasei -10

Elysia hirasei (typical)

Elysia sp. hirasei in-situ

The walk way were the animals were found