Sunday, October 1, 2017

Species List: 26-09-2017, Lake Kawana, Birtinya, Sunshine Coast, Qld

2 species sighted at Lake Kawana, Birtinya, Sunshine Coast, Qld, 26-09-2017.

Another stroll by Julie along the northern end of Lake Kawana, around to the floating pontoon. Maximum depth 200mm.

Checking on the Elysia bangtawaensis along the northern edge of the lake, Julie stopped to check out the sand near the floating pontoon on the north-east side of the lake. She was pleasantly surprised to find numerous Polycera melanosticta crawling on the sand and floating upside down on the surface of the water. They ranged in size from approximately 3mm to 10mm.

Number of species sighted

Elysia bangtawaensis - 6+
Polycera melanosticta - 20+

Polycera melanosticta - foot

Polycera melanosticta