Sunday, March 2, 2008

Surfers at Alex Headland approach Nudibranch Team!

Well what can I say! The first time in over 6 years we have been "set-upon" by surfers or anyone else, at Alex Headland for collecting small rock for reasearch.
Be careful "Barry" that's all I have to say. You and your friends are so concerned about the Eco system and know all the regulations concerning Alex Headland...well as it turns out you don't and I will be happy to discuss it with you guys anytime. I guess when you get nasty it will bit you back! Please consider the animals you and your friends are hurting or killing every time you thrash out to the surf line over the intertidal area of Alex.
Your concerns and the way you have approached us really makes me think how great our research is going! Our reasearch at Alex and all intertidal areas of the Sunshine Coast will continue and we have every right to be there as you do.
If you bring violence you will pay the price mate!