Monday, April 5, 2010

Species List 31-03-10 Flinders Reef area - off Cape Moreton

This mid-week excursion gave us 2 dives in the Flinders Reef area but only yielded a small number of sea slug sightings. Although it was high tide conditions were ideal with 20m viz and little current or surge. David M. took the opportunity to try out his new u/w photography combination: Nikon D300 in Subal Housing, and while pleased with the results realises there is a lot of fine tuning required. The new combo is not as adaptable to different shooting applications as the old system but will provide superior images for those premeditated situations.

Aegires citrinus
Chromodoris kuiteri
Chromodoris splendida
Hypselodoris bullockii (bottom pic)
Hypselodoris maculosa
Micromelo undata (middle pic)
Noumea romeri
Phyllidiella pustulosa
Thuridilla cf. gracilis (damaged specimen)(top pic)