Thursday, July 16, 2015

Species List: Lake Kawana, Sunshine Coast, 14-07-2015

1 species sighted in Lake Kawana.

Just Julie on this 10min walk to the lake opposite the office; scarf, jacket and furry boots in place. Water depth 0.20m, water temp – cold, visibility 1m (in the water), no surge.

As always determined to hunt down the elusive critters, I once again scoured the waters of the lake in the hope that it would eventually provide access to the jewels that live within. Today I was not disappointed! Whilst studying some algae in passing, I noticed a small black leaf shape that appeared to moving across the substrate. Closer inspection revealed it was indeed a target species. After some quick searching for some refuse in which to collect the critter, the jacket and scarf came off, the sleeves pulled up and spread eagle on the footpath I managed to collect the specimen for identification purposes.

Number of species sighted:

Elysia bangtawaensis 1

Woo Hoo!!

 Elysia bangtawaensis
Elysia bangtawaensis