Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Species List: La Balsa Park, Mooloolah River, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 20-02-2016

17 species sighted at La Balsa Park, Mooloolah River, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Julie, Terry, Gary and David on this single, shore entry night dive of 139 minutes. Maximum depth 5.8 m, 26 C water temperature and 3 m viz.

We are noticing more and more Halimeda algae growing on the river substrate and providing habitat and food source for a variety of small sacoglossans and aplysiids. Doto sp. 3 were spotted in situ which is unusual as they are normally cryptic but these, for the first time, had orange colouration to their cerata. This is possibly due to the orange hydroid polyps they appeared to be feeding on.

Number of species sighted
* Species with highest specimen count.

Chelidonura fulvipunctata -1
Doto sp. 3 -15
Elysia pusilla -9
* Flabellina angelvaldesi -110
Flabellina exoptata -1
Goniobranchus aureopurpureus -2
Goniobranchus collingwoodi -2
Goniobranchus daphne -8
Goniobranchus splendidus -3
Goniobranchus verrieri -1
Goniodoridella sp. 1 -6
Hoplodoris nodulosa -1
Phyllaplysia sp. 2 -3 New species
Pleurobranchus peronii -1
Pleurobranchus weberi -1
Pteraeolidia semperi -11
Trinchesia sp. 23 -1

Goniobranchus collingwoodi

Flabellina angelvaldesi - large numbers 
on the hydroids

Pteraeolidia semperi

Goniobranchus daphne

Goniobranchus splendidus

Doto sp. 3

Flabellina angelvaldesi

Hoplodoris nodulosa 

Flabellina exoptata

Doto sp. 3 - yellow cerata

Doto sp. 3 - typical lighter cerata

Goniodoridella sp. 1

Goniobranchus aureopurpureus 

Doto sp. 3 - on the sand

Flabellina angelvaldesi - comparison 
of "colour forms"

Elysia pusilla

Pleurobranchus peronii (and flatworm)

Phyllaplysia sp. 2 - New species