Sunday, October 2, 2016

Species List: 01-10-2016, La Balsa Park, Toilet Block, Mooloolah River, Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast

20 species sighted at La Balsa Park, Toilet Block, Mooloolah River, Sunshine Coast.

Gary and Chris on this dive, 121 minutes, 6.1 m max depth.

With clear water, 5-8 m vis, the dive was very cruisey. There were quite a few animals found under rocks. Finding orange Dermatobranchus was a treat, the second one found. And finding Rostanga embedded in its food source you almost didn't see the animal.

-Number of animals sighted
*species with highest specimen count

Bulbaeolidia alba -4
Carminodoris nodulosa -1
Dendrodoris denisoni -1
Dermatobranchus oculus -2
Dermatobranchus sp. 6 -1
Dermatobranchus sp. 7 -1
Facelina sp. 3 -1
Goniobranchus daphne -9
Goniobranchus reticulatus -1
*Goniodoridella sp. 1 -10
Gymnodoris sp. 9 -3
Gymnodoris sp. 10 -2
Hypselodoris obscura -2
Jorunna sp. 3 -1
Pleurobranchus peronii -4
Pleurobranchus weberi -1
Pteraeolidia semperi -4
Rostanga arbutus -1
Trinchesia sibogae -2
Trinchesia sp. 23 -1

About to descend

The entry

Goniobranchus daphne

Hypselodoris obscura

Pteraeolidia semperi

Trinchesia sp. 23

Rostanga arbutus

Dermatobranchus oculus

Gymnodoris sp. 10

Jorunna sp. 3

Gymnodoris sp. 10

Dermatobranchus sp. 6

The substrate

Goniobranchus reticulatus

Goniobranchus daphne

Bulbaeolidia alba

Pteraeolidia semperi

Chris working

Trinchesia sibogae

Dermatobranchus sp. 7

Dendrodoris denisoni

Hypselodoris obscura

Facelina sp. 3

Pleurobranchus peronii

Pleurobranchus weberi

Goniodoridella sp. 1

Pleurobranchus peronii