Friday, December 4, 2009

When will it stop!

Well after almost 7 years of extensive searching by the team of we have found total of 409 species. That is an average of 1 new one every weekend! We have found Nudibranchs in every possible surrounding. The sizes vary from 0.8 mm up to 400 mm. Some are very brightly coloured, yet some are so cryptic it is wonder if anyone would have found them other than the team. It is very exciting when we find a NEW species. SO, the question arises...will it end?
The Ocean hold many secrets and it would not surprise me if it never ends. With global warming, ocean currents and other factors new species are showing up in our "back yard". Freinds often ask why we don't go overseas and search there...that is an easy question to answer. We have a very diverse "backyard" and we believe finding new Nudibranchs will go on until we can't search any longer. Of course that will not happen!! HeHaa!
Keep searching!
Above: Siphopteron tigrinum found intertidally and measues at a whopping 2.5 mm long.