Saturday, November 25, 2017

Species List: 24-11-2017, La Balsa Park, Mooloolah River, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

14 species sighted at La Balsa Park, Mooloolah River, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Qld, 24-11-2017.

A single shore entry dive by Gary and Chris of 143 minutes. Maximum depth 6.2 m, 24 C water temperature and up to 3 m viz.

A beautiful sunny day and a blue river awaited us. The highlight was getting home to review the photos taken during this dive only to find Placida kevinleei on the sponge with egg masses. I think this is out 3rd sighting of this newly described species and is a new record for the river. The egg masses belonged to a very cryptic species Jorunna sp. 6.

Number of species sighted
* Species with highest specimen count

Eubranchus sp. 10 -5
Flabellina rubrolineata -6
Goniobranchus daphne -8
Goniodoridella savignyi -4
* Goniodoridella sp. 1 -18
Gymnodoris sp. 10 -7
Hypselodoris obscura -4
Hypselodoris whitei -1
Jorunna sp. 6 -7
Phyllodesmium opalescens -1
Placida kevinleei -1 NEW RECORD FOR THE RIVER
Spinophallus falciphallus -1
Tenellia sp. 23 -2
Tenellia sp. 29 -1

Entry point


Eubranchus sp. 10

a pair of Eubranchus sp. 10

Gymnodoris sp. 10

Goniodoridella savignyi

Tenellia sp. 23

Spinophallus falciphallus

Placida kevinleei

Jorunna sp. 6 - 4 animals

Gymnodoris sp. 10

Jorunna sp. 6 - 3 animals

Hypselodoris obscura


Flabellina rubrolineata

Goniobranchus daphne

Hypselodoris whitei

Tenellia sp. 29

Goniobranchus daphne

Flabellina rubrolineata

Chris searching fish cage

Goniodoridella sp. 1

Phyllodesmium opalescens